At about sunset time in Manhattan on a late Spring night, former New Yorkers Lora and Fred Drasner invited 300 friends to celebrate the publication of Lora’s first book, Sunsets.

The book is a compilation of Lora’s photographs, taken while circling the globe on their yacht during an extended honeymoon (close to three years). The party took place at the prestigious Marlborough Gallery on the East Side.   

Fred was well known in New York as the former partner of Mort Zuckerman. He also was a minority owner of the Washington Redskins, and a former collector of 18th century English furniture.

Lora and Fred Drasner Mort Zuckerman and Fred Drasner

Several years ago he sold everything and after he and Lora’s marriage in Venice they boarded his yacht, Andromeda la Dea and sailed to such exotic places as Moorea, Tahiti; Staniel Cay, Bahamas; Society Islands, Bay of Virgins, Marquesas and Nomuka Iki Island, Tonga.

Lora picked up photography as a hobby to capture the trip and ended up with hundreds of photos. She worked with publisher, Courage Books, to pick the best and most unusual sunsets and to pair each one with an inspirational quote. The book was released May 1 and is sold at bookstores around the country and on   

At the event Liz Smith accepted a donation on behalf of Literacy Partners. Guests included Nancy Collins, Somers Farkas, Les Goodstein, Sharon Handler, Andres Carlo, Jacques Nasser, Elizabeth Ling, Dakota Jackson, Mort Zuckerman, Kimberly Oser, Shayne Bernstein, Taylor Custis, Michael Teich, Paul Tumpowski, Paige Peterson.

Somers Farkas and Marlborough Gallery's Marcia Levine Sharon Handler and Lora Drasner Carol Bell and Andres Carlo Annalise Ghiz and Francesca Traldi
Emila Damjanovic and Pauline Dominh Lora Drasner and Liz Smith

Marlborough Gallery's Janis Cecil and Lora Drasner