Head in the Clouds Show by Alain Godon a Tremendous Success at the Drasner Gallery

On Decemeber 15th, the Drasner Gallery of Aspen, CO opened the exhibition to Alain Godons Head in the Clouds show, featuring a collection of his oil paintings and Bildoreliefo (Godons way of incorporating modern technology with the ancient art of painting). The Saturday night event was a tremendous success with 30 of Godons French collectors following him all the way to Aspen from various regions in France. The event was bustling with people coming to experience what Godon has brought to this beautiful town. This was a very special occasion as this was the first time an artist had broken down the beautiful architecture of this great town. Bernard Markowicz, U.S. agent for Alain Godon, raved, It was amazing to see all the collectors mixed with the local art community appreciating the vibrant color of Alains work including his ability to capture the special ambiance of downtown Aspen in his work.

The Aspen Collection features many historic sites of Aspen such as the Wheeler Opera House, The Jerome, The Courthouse, and many more. The event opened to 5 of the 8 available oil paintings already being sold.

The reception for the show was such a success, Drasner Gallery decided to keep the show up until January 15, 2013 to provide all the visitors and locals of Aspen enough time to make it in to view the beautiful exhibition of this wonderful town.

Godon began his architecture series six years ago. His collections continue to amass great interest from art collectors, intrigued by the originality of his style and unique technique. Each painting captures several structural points of view influenced by the buildings many angles, all of which are placed on the face of the image to expose the landmark design elements upfront and expand its architectural integrity. Godons narrative creations tell a hidden story uniquely personal, meant for interpretation by the beholder. In addition, this show will contain some of Aspens natural landscape beauty incorporated along with creation of a story.

Alain Godon was born on November 1, 1964 in Bourges, France. In his family everyone painted, from his architect grandfather on down. From the age of 11, he lived in Achicourt, France with his uncle, also an architect, who taught Godon to draw and infused him with his own passion. By 1985, a visual processor of all around him, Godon began his career painting chalk art on sidewalks outside of the Louvre Museum in Paris. In 1988 he found himself in St. Tropez, where he painted his first oil-on-canvas.

Declaring him one of the best painters of his generation, Christian Boeringer, former Commercial Director of the Louvre Museum and Patrice Deparpe, Director of the Museum of Le Touquet, authored biographical art books dedicated to the experiences and works of Godon.

Godon has exhibited in major art capitals around the world including New York, Moscow, Bali, and Paris.

About Drasner Gallery - Drasner Gallery Aspen was founded with a focus on bright colors and upbeat subject matter from world-renowned artists such as Andy Warhol, and Jim Dine. The eclectic choice of art also includes photographs from David LaChapelle with seductive, saturated images and Takashi Murakamis pop culture-inspired paintings and contemporary d├ęcor.

Drasner Gallery is the exclusive dealer in Colorado of the Mourlot Estate. From this collection the Drasner Gallery is able to display classic lithographs from the Modern Masters such as Picasso, Chagall, Matisse and Le Corbusier. Drasner Gallery is proud to represent the famous French Artist Alain Godon and his one of a kind Aspen scenes painted oil on canvas and Bildoreliefo.