Miami: Photographer Lora Drasner, with her husband, Fred Drasner, celebrated the launch of her first book, Sunsets, at EPIC Residences and Hotel.

The setting sun over Biscayne Bay provided the perfect backdrop for the evening. Lora was dressed in a red and orange Nameen Khan dress. The sunset cocktail event

also marked the debut of Lora’s artwork, consisting of several of her photographs transferred to canvas, including the Heart Reef in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia and a sunset of the Central Park skyline. During the evening, more than 150 copies of Sunsets were sold, including 12 limited edition versions at $60 each, which sold-out in the first 15 minutes. A percentage of proceeds from the event will benefit The Vizcayans.


Flavia and Martin Elortegui
Jennifer Vallopi and Lora Drasner
Jhonny Salomon and Alejandro Ferllen

Fred and Lora Drasner with Silvania and Nicholas Juncadella

Monica Veiga and Jhonny Salomon
Katja Carvalho and Bruno Sharp
Vivianne Kurzweil and Lydia Touzet
Norma Quintero and Andres Asion
Raquel and Ric Watters
Stan and Joy Jaffee
Robert Schallert and William Meyersohn