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The Outing

Our hike was successful, albeit HOT! Of course, I have hiked the mountain before, but never with my dog and husband! We had such fun! The scenery was incredible. We took the gondola up Ajax Mountain. This was Windsor’s first gondola ride and she jumped right in. It was so cute. She is a beautiful English yellow lab with an outgoing, friendly personally; and cuter than most dogs (IMHO). I ski Aspen Mountain all winter long so I am very familiar with the terrain. But it is much different in the summer.

Last summer, some girlfriends and I took the outdoor yoga on top of the mountain. Yoga while viewing the astoundingly beautiful Maroon Bells is amazing! Summer in Aspen is glorious. We usually hike every day, but normally near the house. Either up the mountain or to the pond nearby. The hikes in Aspen are never boring. You must always bring bear spray. Yes, there really are bears! It is also common to see deer, coyote and mountain lions. The biggest shock was last summer when I ran into three humongous Moose at the pond! They were just hanging out – ten feet away from me! Windsor started barking at them so I got a little nervous. When I get nervous, I call my husband. But he was at a business meeting in LA so there wasn’t much he could do. He did calm me down. I laugh about it now. The lesson is to always be aware of your surroundings.

Since, I am telling hiking stories... Two summers ago, my girlfriend and I walked into the town of Aspen to go shopping. A work-out/shopping combo is the perfect activity. It’s only about four miles away but all uphill on the return trip. We had lots of bags and were talking animatedly when I heard something in the bushes. It was a bear! Staring at us! You are not supposed to run, but we started walking very fast. There was a house nearby so we went towards it. Meanwhile, I got out the bear spray and, of course, called my husband. He was home this time. He jumped in the jeep and came down the road honking the horn to scare the bear. We jumped in the car and drove back to the house. Never a dull moment in the mountains!

So, back to the morning hike. Hiking Ajax is not easy and there are several options. The hard-core athletes refuse to take the gondola- obviously I am not that. Although, I have done it once. My calves were sore for a week! Yes, it is much easier to ski down! For this outing, we decided to gondola up, hike the top trails, and gondola down. It was glorious! The scenery is incredible. I highly recommend this hike; just make sure you have acclimated to the altitude. And- bring bear spray.


Lora, this was a fun post. The whole thing is absolutely exotic to me: moose, bears, mountain lions. I love the details--the image of you and your friend, laden with shopping bags, speed walking from a bear while your husband swoops in, horn honking. Exciting. Thanks for sharing. I really look forward to your next blog. SM

- Says Professor Sherry R Mason at Jun 28, 2016 3:01 AM

Lora, I was a good skier many moons ago, but one day out of the blue in Gstaad, I gave snowboarding a try and never looked back to skiing. I loved it so much, even practiced at Ski Dubai every week so I could master it. Yes, we have a ski resort in the middle of the desert!! Hiking, however, is a whole different sport. My best experience was in Jackson Hole. Thanks for reminding me. Must do Aspen again very soon. You brought back some great memories. Thanks. Btw, what brand of bear spray do you use? LOL

- Says Neda Nickzad at Jul 5, 2016 3:39 AM

Neda, I heard about the ski resort in Dubai! I definitely want to try it. I love skiing in Switzerland too; St. Moritz is my favorite. The bear spray is called Counter Assault; available on Amazon. Let me know when you come to Aspen - we can take a few turns. Even though you're a boarder!!

- Says Lora Drasner at Jul 5, 2016 1:02 PM



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