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Metacognitive Reflection - 2016

I knew my Dad grew up in a war-zone. But honestly I did not really think about what he went through. What it must have been like for him as a child. This paper put all that into perspective. I must admit some of the descriptive reading was very difficult to fathom.

Sadly, my father is no longer with us and neither are his brothers or sisters. I spoke to each of my three brothers to acquire some additional insight. I wanted to hear what Dad had told them about his childhood. Some of the stories were similar but several were very contradictory. This was frustrating as I endeavored to find the truth. Then I came to a realization. It didn't really matter how accurate the tales were about our father. The important point is that there are stories to tell. Great stories in fact. To be passed down to our children and future generations. In addition to speaking to my brothers I also spoke to several Dutch friends to hear their war-related tales. The commentary all week has been about the Dutch Famine and the Hunger Winter of 1944. A few asked to read my essay once complete.

I do not like to read about war. I also do not enjoy watching war movies-violence is not appealing to me. This paper forced me to examine the truth. The research made me delve more deeply than I felt comfortable. But I am glad I did. I learned a great deal.

I was always proud of my Dutch heritage. But now I am in awe of my ancestors after learning what they endured. I am especially proud of my father- I wish he were still alive. I have so much to say to him.



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