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Good Bad Ugly

Habits - We all have them: some good, some bad, and some are downright disgusting.

I am happy to say that I currently don't have any bad habits- shocking, I know. Of course, I've had some throughout the years. I stopped all naughty behavior as soon as I met my husband 17 years ago. I didn't want him to lose respect for me. Luckily I don't have an addictive personality- if that is such a thing...

Let me tell a story of the most difficult habit for me to break (no, it wasn't drugs). I stay away from all drugs, FDA and non-FDA approved. There is nothing good that can come from taking a drug, unless it is needed to save your life. I feel we are all guinea pigs of the pharmaceutical companies. The long-term side effects are still mostly unknown and everyone, EVERYONE, reacts differently to ingested substances. So, I say Avoid Them at all costs. Try a homeopathic remedy. And, you'll be surprised how many issues can be overcome by using mind-over-matter. I recently stopped taking Advil and Tylenol- it was such a habit to reach for the easily accessible over-the-counter drug for every little ache and pain. Now, I breathe deeply (in through the nose and out through the mouth like the yogis say) and drink liters of H2O. It is astounding how our natural resource of water and oxygen can make you feel better. The elixirs of life.

Now, back to overcoming that addiction- this was difficult because the substance was not only a habit, part of a routine, but also physically addicting. Whenever, we go anywhere in the United States, it is there, always taunting us. The substance is bread! Carbs are physically addicting and the more you eat them the more you want them. Flour in the US is like poison. There are so many unknown chemicals added to our innocent wheat products that it should be outlawed. The first two months were very difficult so I would eat anything besides the bread. Sometimes in restaurants I would order French Fries while the other guests were chowing down on glutinous products. First, I would make sure that the fries had not been cross-contaminated with gluten. Soon, I had overcome my addiction, and now I have been gluten and corn free for over two years. I lost 15 pounds, but I did not do this for weight loss reasons, I did it for health. My Mother had celiac sprue, which is an intolerance to gluten and causes your body not to absorb vitamins and nutrients. I won't go into details, but it is detrimental. This disease in hereditary, and I had some minor health issues. I had many, many tests, and the doctors kept saying I did not have celiac. But I knew something wasn't right, even though I felt fine when I ate the bread. I never had an upset stomach, but that is the tricky thing about gluten, it is cumulative and builds up in your body. Mainly, gluten causes inflammation and that's why the aliments were occurring. Needless to say, every single weird symptom went away. And now I am passionate about being gluten-free.

I hope this post helped someone.

Best book on the subject is "Grain Brain", by Dr. Perlmutter – he is the only Neurologist and Nutritionist Doctor combo in the US



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